Office Policy


Dr. Dugan has designed a specific course of action to allow proper care, a must for spinal and postural correction. If an appointment must be changed, 24 hours noticed is appreciated. All missed appointments should be made up later the same day or within 24 hours. Please let our front desk chiropractic assistant know and the changes will be made accordingly. If appointments are repeatedly missed we will, regretfully, have to dismiss you from care. Remember your care plan is built on rhythm and repetition; each visit builds on the one before. 



It is your payment that allows us to continue providing high levels of professional care, maintain our facility, and pay our staff. If for and reason you cannot keep paying your financial agreement, please inform us immediately to eliminate any misunderstandings. If you have the desire to receive care in our office, we will make every attempt to make affordable arrangements.



Spinal correction and healing take time. If you do not feel satisfied with your body’s responses, please make and appointment to discuss this with the doctor. We want you to get the most from you chiropractic care.



Once you understand that the nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body and subluxation interferes with nerve flow, we expect that you would want everyone in your family checked. We have cost-effective family programs for you. We extend an opportunity for you to have your family checked at our expense.



The success of our office and the health of your loved ones greatly depend on your referrals. If there is anyone that you know would like to have invited to our office, please let us know.